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todd interviews george thorogood


Published October 2019

Such an honor to interview the great George Thorogood!  George is as great as they come and a super down-to-earth guy. His sense of humor is off the chart and we laughed constantly through this interview! We had a great time talking and reflecting on his 40 plus year career. Here's to another 40 years George! Thanks for a great interview! 

todd interviews peter frampton


Published November 2019

It was an honor to speak with Peter Frampton recently!  We talked all about his early years, the great, new All Blues album, playing with B.B. King and the great recordings that Peter has for upcoming releases. It was so great to speak with Peter. Despite his diagnosis with IBM, he keeps an amazing, positive attitude which is very inspirational. His sense of humor is amazing too, making this one of my most memorable interviews for sure. Thank you so much for a great Interview Peter! And thanks for all the great music through the years. Wishing you nothing but the best.  

todd interviews duane eddy


Published November 2019

Check out my recent interview with Rock and Roll legend Duane Eddy.  Duane's music was some of the first that myself and many guitar players learned how to play. He's the real deal and a super great guy! We talked all about his amazing career that started in the 1950's, his memories of Elvis Presley, and influencing and working with The Beatles. Duane has seen and done it all and it was a real honor to speak with him. Thanks for a great interview Duane, and thanks for all of the inspiration through the years! 

TODD INTERVIEWS frank marino


Published December 2019

It was so great to interview Frank Marino recently! Frank's been one of my heroes for as long as I can remember. We hit it off right away, and it was so great to find him extremely humble, down to earth and real. I've talked to everybody and anybody in this business and I can tell you Frank is in a class all by himself. A solid straight shooter and one of a kind. It was real great to connect with him and to make a new friend. Frank recently released the fantastic DVD/Blu Ray Box Set "Live At The Agora Theatre" which shows him and his band Mahogany Rush in top form. It is a must have! We talked about Frank's amazing career, the ups and downs of the business, some technical aspects of his gear, and of course the new DVD/Blu-ray Box Set. This interview is 2 Parts- so make sure you click on the links to Facebook and check out both parts below! Thanks again for a great interview Frank, thanks for all the music through the years and for being a super great guy! It's great to call you a friend.

todd interviews dion


January 2020

Make a list of Rock and Roll's founding Father's and you'll be sure to see one name at the top: Dion. 

I grew up with the man's music and it is still in constant rotation on my play list, so it was a real honor for me to speak with Dion. We spoke about his early years, his love for the blues, having his face on The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s album, buying jackets with John Lennon, his love for New York, and the new music he has in the works.

It was a real honor to speak with you Dion. Thanks for a great interview and thanks for all of the great music and inspiration through the years!