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Todd is a Full Time Musician in the Chicagoland Area. Playing everything from Solo & Duo Acoustic Shows to a Full Band Experience- one thing stays constant: his love for the Music. Blues, Rock, Classic Country, Jazz, Soul and Folk are all in his blood, and you're sure to hear it all in any setting you witness. Todd has won numerous awards for his performing and teaching skills including "Best Soloist" in Suburban Nitelife's Best Of The Burbs 2014 Contest. He performs numerous music education shows in schools each year where students are exposed to a live band while learning a history of American Music. He has spent years as a Front Man, Side Man and Accompanist, and he is available to do it all. Contact him today! Music is his life, and he loves to pass that love onto numerous students each week. He is available for Private Guitar Instruction. Call All About Music & Children's Theatre at 708-479-0440 to set up a time today!!    



Todd has a true love for sharing all things Music with students of all levels. His numerous years of teaching experience have made him one of the most sought after instructors in the Chicagoland area. He is available for private and group lessons for Guitar and Ukulele. Contact him today at AAMCT to set up a time!! 708-479-0440 



Todd's love for music is contagious! Ever since he picked up a Guitar at age 12 he has devoted his life to anything and everything involving the instrument. 

His first exposure to music was hearing his Grandfather's bands playing Traditional Country music by the likes of Hank Williams Sr. and The Carter Family. He holds that music very dear to his heart and still performs it every chance he gets. His study of music ultimately led him to The Blues which he favors above all else. 

After hearing performers such as Howlin' Wolf, Albert, Freddie & B.B. King, Peter Green and Michael Bloomfield his love for The Blues was permanent. So permanent that Todd and his wife Connie became the first couple to ever be married in the historic Chess Records Building at 2120 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  

As a kid, Todd was befriended by the legendary B.B. King. King and his then manager Sidney Seidenberg were very gracious and extended offers for Todd to watch and learn from the best in the business. Todd spent several years on the road with King, following him everywhere and anywhere he went and learning how to play the Blues, how to command an audience, and most of all, how to treat people the right way. 

"I'll be forever grateful for those years on the road with B.B." Todd says. He and Sidney treated me so great during that time. I always knew it was a special opportunity, and I never took  a second of it for granted." 

During this time, Todd was lucky to rub shoulders with some of the industries biggest names and he befriended other heroes of his, including the great Lonnie Mack.  

"Lonnie was one of the guys who took me under his wing years back and I'll be forever grateful for all the things I learned from the man - musical and otherwise. He was one of my heroes when I first started playing guitar, and he still is. I think he and BB both got a kick out of the fact that I was the youngest person (by far!) at their shows then. Wherever I was at and Lonnie would come through he would set me up with good seats to his shows and stuff - just an awesome dude. Lonnie was a man's man. He took no bull, stood up for what he believed and never followed trends. And, just like BB, I saw him always make time for fans, sharing stories way into the late hours. He always treated people right.  I sure do miss all of those guys.."

Todd enjoys writing and listening to multiple styles, and therefore enjoys playing all of those styles as well. Through the years, Rock, Folk, Jazz and many other styles have caught his ear, but he always sprinkles a dash of The Blues into everything he does. 

He has been very fortunate to have performed with and/or met many of his heroes over the years, and believes the Founding Father's of Music should be held in high regard. So while performing his own original music, he also likes to expose his audiences to the Music's History and where it came from. He has had numerous articles published, many of which focusing on artists or events that helped to shape music but may need more public awareness. Some of those can be found here:

From Solo & Duo Acoustic shows with his wife Connie to Full Electric Band Performances, music is #1. No gimmicks, no frills, just a love for the music and respect for it's History and Founding Father's. Check him out at a show soon and share the love of Music!! Todd performs in multiple settings. From Solo and Duo Acoustic shows with his wife Connie, to a Full Band experience with 3rd Degree, he has you covered! Contact him today!

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